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Freedom has many forms.

It has been a busy day or so at the SPA, some good news, some bad news. But such is the way of life at the refuge!

Firstly yesterday the REAL Domino’s adoption was finalised. Yes, Domino the rottweiler officially left after having his behaviour test carried out by a qualified vet, as per the law with “dangerous breeds”. Domino passed with the highest score possible, 1/4, and thanks once again to his new family for offering this old boy a home.

Today some more good news. The owner of Samuel and Sutech came to reclaim his dogs. They had been with us for ten months, and during this time almost no one had shown any interest in either dog. But in any case, the dogs made it quite clear that they wanted to stay together at all costs, refusing to walk separately, and pulling like crazy on the lead to demonstrate their unadoptability. Their owner came to collect them today, and they were once again the docile dogs who arrived all those months ago. They walked off with a skip in their step, happy that their owner is in position to take them again after some personal difficulties. It is easy to cristicise, but when they were abandoned last year, neither he nor we expected them to have so long to wait. We were unable to home them, and now we no longer have to! Result!

On a far sadder note, today we said goodbye to Cerbere. This lovely beagle has been very ill with cancer of the colon, which has made him hard to home and obliged him to wear a muzzle at all times when outside. Thanks to employee/volunteer Estelle and her husband, he was able to spend the last ten days in a loving home, before he finally joined our “angels” today. During his time with them he went to the beach and had loads of glorious walks, and that is how we all choose to remember him. He was a lovely dog to whom Fate dealt a cruel blow. We all loved him, as we do all our dogs.

Finally, thanks to everyone who has donated Scalibor collars following our appeal. The tick season has just got underway, and we want to protect as many of our dogs as possible.

Domino – Top marks!









Samuel and Sutech – at home again…..TOGETHER!












Cerbere enjoying a day on the beach with Estelle who fostered him for his last days.

beagle is cuddled whilst looking at the ocean









Thank you!

pile of collars

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