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Today amongst other news, Freedom has found a home!

Many of you saw the pictures of this boy when he arrived at the SPA at the beginning of August. He had been tied up with a chain and his collar was so tight that the skin had grown over it, requiring it to be surgically removed. Yet again we are grateful to the people who made it possible for Freedom to reach the SPA and receive the veterinary care that he needed. And of course to everyone, staff, volunteers and the vets who have helped him recuperate while he has been at the refuge. Freedom soon bounced back from his trauma, proving to be a lively and affectionate lad. He was one of the dogs who was photographed on Wednesday, and everyone remarked on how well behaved and handsome he was.

Freedom’s new family had recently lost a pointer and were drawn to Freedom and touched by his back story. They felt that he deserved a lovely home, and that is what they have promised to give him.

Chocolate braque

Freedom – ADOPTED

Today we also said farewell to Sam. This is great news for this dog, as he arrived at the SPA with parvovirus and very nearly died. Dogs who are young and undernourished can fall victim to this illness which often proves fatal. Sam was lucky to have arrived with us when he did, and after several days at the vet under transfusion, he was once again the big strong lad you see now. His new family had just lost their beauceron cross, and they fell for Sam’s tough looks and gentle manners. He has a huge garden of 3700 m2 to run round in; freedom indeed.

Big beauceron cross


Freedom is a great title for this next picture too. Look at Alfie (ex foster dog Tis) who is now living life to the full on the Channel Islands!

Alfie (ex Tis) enjoying freedom

We also need to notify you that although it is not the first weekend of the month, the SPA will be open on both days. Sunday is the National Open days in honour of St Francis of Assisi. Let’s get some more dogs to freedom!

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