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Friday catch up….

Tonight’s blog is a catch up blog before we hear about the next 6 travelers who will be leaving very early tomorrow morning.

First of all the good news. We have had four adoptions, Jilly the lovely beagle cross , Chuppa the beautiful female Beauceron pup, Velleda a shepherd cross and last but not least, the beautiful Daina. None of these doggies have had a long wait which is always good news.

We have had quite a few entries. When a dog arrives the first thing we do is check it over to see if its chipped or tattooed. A lovely shepherd was in the office as I arrived yesterday afternoon. We were pleased that she was chipped and Carole typed her details into the database to retrieve her contact details. When you do this you can also see the doggies name and she was called Kimba. It was so cute. When we said ‘hello Kimba’ she started to dance about and push herself into us for cuddles. This was a dog who had certainly learnt its name!!!!!!!! We called her owner who had been looking everywhere for her and was delighted that she was safe and sound….we love happy endings like that. Anyone can lose their dog for so many reasons so always remember to keep their details up to date to their microchip database.

Hubert, Sacha and Fizz all arrived earlier this week, Fizz the cocker is identified and we are looking for her owners.

Yesterday we also had two hunt type dogs arrive. One is a lovely griffon cross who we have called Vendee and the other a Bruno de Jura who we have called Jura. Both came from the Limoux area so we are hoping that they simply got lost whilst out hunting and will be reclaimed soon.

Tomorrow you will find out who the lucky six are who are off to the UK….not to be missed!



Chuppa – adopted


Daina – adopted!


Vendee – a new arrival


Jura- arrived with Vendee


Hubert – another arrival


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