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Friday’s event brings joy for Gershwin!

A day of bright sunshine boosted morale today, as did the adoption of everyone’s favourite Breton spaniel, Gershwin.
And how did his new family get to meet him? Well during Friday’s mass dog walk, of course! Yes, today’s is the first adoption we have had that came as a result of this event.

Gershwin’s walkers fell completely under his charm. It is easy to see why. He is a wonderful lad, just two years old, and very popular at the SPA. As well as being great with other dogs, Gershwin is he easy to walk. Plus he is very attentive to whomever is on the other end of the lead. Some dogs are so excited to be out that they spend all their time sniffing and exploring, but for Gershwin cuddles were always pretty high on the agenda.

And in fact these character traits were exactly what drew Gershwin’s new family to him. After Friday’s walk they took a couple of days to think and then decided to offer him a home. The couple were SPA supporters, and who knows, perhaps they would have adopted a dog in any case. But it was definitely thanks to Friday’s event that they chose Gershwin. How cool is that?

Breton spaniel

Gershwin during Friday’s walk

In other good news, yesterday’s elderly arrival, Barnabe, was reclaimed. His owner saw his photo on the internet and will make sure to get the details on Icad up to date in case Barnabe ever gets lost again.

big old black lab

12 year old Barnabe – RECLAIMED

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