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Frimousse | T004

Frimousse small female cross breedFemale, Young, Small

This is a sad story. Who remembers the dogs from Ste Eulalie, who were rescued from dog hoarders in March 2016? Four of them are still at the SPA looking for homes, but many more are happy in their forever homes. And we thought this was the case for Frimousse. However her owner has just passed away, and with none of the relatives prepared to take on the dog, Frimousse finds herself at the SPA. She was born in June 2014, and spent nine months in hell before coming to the SPA. She stayed with us only briefly (she was far less traumatised than some of her poor companions) but is now back. We hope that her size and young age mean that she will not have a long wait this time either, and that she will soon be back in a home. And that this time it is for ever!

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  • Small size
  • Affectionate
  • Would make a lovely family pet

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