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From bad to worse.

As I mentioned yesterday, there was a net increase in the number of dogs at the refuge despite the open days. This is not usually the case. What ALWAYS happens, however, is that people assume that the refuge will have space after the open weekend, so they choose the Monday afterwards to abandon their dogs.

Today we have had four new arrivals; two puppies and two adults, none of whom is identified.

We have no space.

We cannot carry on like this.

Can anyone give us some advice as to what we should do, please? We already sterilise all the females that leave the refuge, so the puppies who are arriving on what appears to be a daily basis are not our fault. What can we do to stop people abandoning their dogs?
What can we do with all the dogs we have got at the refuge if no one is adopting?

If you look at things logically, there are only a certain number of people who are willing and able to adopt, and once they all have animals, there is nowhere else for the dogs to go, other than the refuges. Ours is now full.

We have not conducted any euthanasia due to lack of space for three years and this is something of which we are all extremely proud. We do not want to return to the bad old days. But we have several puppies in foster care, and several adult dogs too, and despite this, there is no more room at the refuge. The SPA acts as the pound, so we are legally obliged to take any stray dogs brought in by the Mairies with whom we have an agreement, and from the Police and Gendarmes too.

And the icing on the cake? The Anatolian Shepherds who were brought in yesterday are three of a litter of 12, the other nine having been given away randomly to anyone who wanted a puppy. I am convinced that most, if not all of them, will arrive at the refuge in due course. Sterilise your dog, you irresponsible people!

So what can we do? Does anyone have any answers? Can anyone help us, please. And don’t think we are all just sitting idle, waiting for help. We are constantly looking for answers and ideas. Thanks in advance to Association Orfee, who are taking five of our dogs later on this month. Can anyone else out there offer a lifeline to any of our dogs, please?

I have no good news to give you today. I see no end to this and I feel more desperate than I have for years.

Sterilise your dogs!








I am upset and angry (in case you hadn’t guessed)

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