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Fun fundraiser coming up!

I mentioned that there were several dog-walkers at the SPA yesterday. Well two of them, Karen and John, can be seen in the background of the picture of Ripley. These lovely people have decided to organise a fund-raising event for the SPA, and I attach a photo which tells you all you need to know.
We are always short of funds, as unlike the Paris group of SPAs, which receive lots of money, we are  financiallyindependent. I won’t go too much into the reasons why, but being independent gives us the freedom to choose our own staff and decide what brand of dog and cat food to give our animals. A certain degree of autonomy is a good thing, however it does mean that money is tight. We insist on giving the best vet care possible and injured animals are treated when other refuges would perhaps take the decision to cut their losses and put the dog or cat to sleep.

So thank you so much to Karen and John. The evening is guaranteed to be fun; this is not the first time they have run an event like this. The food will be excellent and there will be a mixture of French and English, so it will be an great opportunity to meet new people. Maybe it will inspire you to join the ever-growing team of SPA volunteers. Numbers at the event are limited to 70, so don’t delay! Karen’s contact details are on the poster.

In other SPA news, I have been on tenterhooks all day wondering how Ripley was doing, and I was delighted to receive a message via the Facebook page to tell us that she has been welcomed into her new home by her two new doggy pals and is already settling in nicely. I am so pleased for her. Lovely girl and clever enough to know when she is well off! Thanks again to her new family, and who knows, I might just pop in one day to say hello! You’d better search the boot of my car when I leave, though!


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