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Fundraising, Flash Mobs and Fun In The Sun!

Today was the rerun of last months Quillan car boot sale which was cancelled because of inclement weather and the fundraising team were up at the crack of dawn to set up. Thank goodness that today the sun shone and the car boot ladies and gents made a total of 402 euors. Together with the monies from yesterday’s Flash Mob event that makes a total of 512 raised this weekend! So a massive thank you to everyone who helped at both events.

Lots of people ask why we have to fundraise and the simple answer is that we would simply not have enough cash to keep the refuge going without it.  Of course the City of Carcassonne and associate villages want us to accept all of their abandoned and stray dogs but there is never enough consideration taken in how we are going to pay for their care.  If you look carefully at our income and expenditure you will see that the monies received doesn’t even cover the staff wages and social charges, never mind the food, vet or utility bills! If we did not fundraise or ask for donations we could not care for the animals in the way we do.

So what do we spend fundraising monies on? Well some of it goes on transporting animals to other associations, some on sterilisation or vet care, some on kennels and various other pieces of equipment but every penny raised goes towards the dogs care! If someone wants to donate and specify how their money will be spent then we always respect their wishes.

We are so very grateful to everyone who helps us in whatever way they can.We all do it out of our love for the animals in our care and its that love and determination to make life better for them that keeps us going!

Volunteers are the backbone of any rescue, without them it would be a dark,sad place. Without volunteers we would have no website, no facebook page, no dogs would be walked or have extra cuddles and certainly no dogs would be leaving to associations where they are ensured a bright future. There would only be one last journey for these dogs and we all know where that would be!  So whether you help by fundraising, walking dogs, cuddling cats or by doing any of the many other duties that are done by volunteers, thank you, it is very much appreciated and you can rest assured that you are helping make life a little bit more tolerable for all the animals who come into our care!

Today was also the open day and we took the opportunity to finish off the planting and DIY tasks. You will see from the photos how much of an improvement this has made! The sun shone as brightly as did our very clean toilets which were gleaming thanks to our volunteer Di’s efforts! Didn’t I say that our volunteers help in many different ways!

Todays Car Boot Sale Raised 402 Euros



Yesterdays Flash Mob Raised Awareness and 110 Euros 

Flash mob event


Our Volunteers Hard At Work

Melisa painting


Our Gleaming Toilets – Thank You Di!


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