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Gaby| A300

Gaby female border collieFemale, Young, Medium

Like Roddy, Gabby has been brought to the refuge 5 years after her adoption due to a catastrophic change in their owner’s circumstances. She is a lovely border collie cross who is extremely affectionate and sticks to her owner like glue. No doubt coming back to the refuge is a huge shock for her, after five years of love. But let’s hope she finds a home soon. Gabby was born in June 2013. She is great on the lead, which is just as well, as she likes to play catch and is often reluctant to come home after a walk, although she is not a runner, per se. Gabby has had an operation for a leg fracture, which has left her with a very light limp. After careful introductions Gabby can live with cats. Being a border collie, Gabby is bright and intelligent, and she would love an active family.

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  • Can live with cats
  • Affectionate and loyal
  • Needs an active family

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