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Gizmo’s owner has second thoughts and Colette is adopted.

Not exactly a first for the SPA, but I can probably count the number of times this has happened on the fingers of one hand; the owner of Gizmo, who abandoned his dog on Saturday as a result of a divorce, came back to collect him today.

I was not there, but apparently he said that he missed the dog more than he misses his wife, and could he have him back please. I am sure that a few of us can relate to that!

You will know from Saturday’s blog that Gizmo was the beautiful Australian shepherd who arrived with the pronged collar. At the time the owner claimed that the dog pulled, hence the collar, and even though he was leaving the dog behind we did not pass up the opportunity to tell him how cruel pronged collars are and that there are much better alternatives. The collar was immediately thrown in the bin, so I am hoping that the owner will have listened to our admonishments and that Gizmo’s days of being restrained by his neck are over. A nice, padded anti-pull harness will do just as good a job.

Great news for Gizmo, of course, although he would doubtless have found a home quickly.

One of the now famous Charly’s sisters, Colette was adopted and we had two more dog reservations. And a lovely chocolate labrador (already identified) was notified as missing this morning and made a brief appearance before being reunited with his owners.

The next story has nothing to do with the SPA, but as the appeal was on our Facebook page, I thought we should pay tribute to a beautiful dog, who was sadly killed on a road yesterday on her way back from Crufts.  The multi times champion, Panda (real name “Black Majesty Saint She Ain’t “Panda”) was on her way back to Poland when she escaped from the car in which she was being transported whilst just outside Calais.

This sends a shiver down the spine of everyone who has ever helped to deliver a dog; it can happen so quickly, especially with nervous dogs and it is a tragedy that any dog should die in this way, let alone such a fine and beloved specimen. Thanks to everyone who shared the photograph and tried to help. This time there was no happy ending.

On a much more upbeat note, we would like to wish a happy birthday to Yessa, ex of the SPA. She has been living in the UK with Phil and Anita since July 2012 (in fact they were the ones who found her while they were here on holiday) and today is her 11th birthday. Not bad for a big girl who spent most of her life as a hunt dog!

Now that is the kind of ending we DO like!

2014-03-08 14.13.17







Colette – ADOPTED













Pictoche made a brief appearance









Beautiful Panda, who died so tragically (not SPA related)










And happy birthday to Yassa, 11 years old today!



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