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Go Go Liquo!

Anyone arriving at the SPA today and seeing all the cars may have thought that we would have numerous adoptions to report. Not so. But lots and lots of dogs were walked, which is always great.

And we did have one adoption! And it has been a long time coming for one dog and his new owner! Liquorice has been at the SPA for over a year. Arriving terrified in January 2017, he was adopted very quickly, but brought back almost immediately for being not cat friendly. Another unsuccessful and brief adoption followed, and it looked like this boy was having no luck at all.

But then Liquorice caught the eye of volunteer Lucile, who has been walking him regularly ever since. And whichever dog was sharing with Liquorice (latterly Aneth) has benefited enormously from this dedication, too. Sometimes Aneth would spend the night alone…this was because Liquorice was taken for “cat-familiarisation training”!

Although Lucile adored Liquorice, she was unable to adopt him. However today everything was finally ready. A house move has taken place (today!), cat is as ready as possible (speed training, maybe?), and it is go go GO for Liquorice. I wonder if when he leaves tonight he will expect to be brought back to his box, or if he knows that something is in the air? Perhaps the fact that he was given a farewell bath (many thanks to Angelique and Marion) will have given him a clue that his life was about to change. A very happy Lucile will give us news, I am sure.

black dog with Lucile

Liquorice – ADOPTED



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