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Going to the End of the Earth for Filou

I promised good news, and good news we have.

Seven year old poodle cross Filou has been at the refuge for almost a year, but today he left the SPA for what we are sure will be the final time. I say “final time” because before being abandoned in August last year, Filou had paid many visits to us, being collected by his owners each time. When they were informed that he was with us last summer, they agreed to collect him, but specified that they would take him straight to the vet to be euthanised. So the SPA decided to keep him and see what we could do about finding him a new home.

Despite being small and cute, Filou is not the easiest of dogs. Or rather he is selective about who he likes. He didn’t seem to be too fond of his owners. Luckily for us, he liked almost everyone who walked him! He became the favourite of many volunteers, particularly Sabine, who became his sponsor, and paid for him to be groomed as well as ensuring that he was walked on a regular basis.

He came with a health warning, however; no children and only experienced dog owners. Luckily he caught the eye of someone visiting the DRC website and after much discussion with Moira, it was “just” a question of getting Filou to his new home. As the blog title suggests, this was in Finisterre (end of the earth, geddit?), so clearly some planning was required!

Covoit-Queen Domi offered to take him halfway (she is another Filou fan), but Sabine wanted to complete her “duties” of sponsor. But what to do? The weather is unbearably hot and her car has no air conditioning. Step in Moira, or rather Moira’s car. What teamwork!

This morning at 08H00 Sabine and volunteer Karen set off from the SPA in Moira’s car to meet Filou’s family at about the halfway point. It will be a long journey for him, but one that takes him to a whole new life. I know that tears will be shed, Sabine desperately wanted Filou herself, but the next best thing is finding him a wonderful home, which is what has been done.

Other refuge news can wait till tomorrow. Today is all about Filou.

The only other thing I do want to mention is the launch of the new Facebook page Cat Rescue Carcassonne. It is hoped that this will bring the feline overcrowding issue to an Anglophone audience, and encourage people to adopt a cat from the SPA. The link is below. If you have Facebook please “like” and share. Let’s see if we can help some cats too! Thank you.


Sabine with Filou. Sponsor of the year award for her!












And Filou meets his new mum and dad



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