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Goldy is adopted and Huguette finds a foster.

Good news from the ScPA tonight. First off Tuesday’s beautiful cairn terrier arrival, Bonnie (in real life Canelle), was reclaimed. She arrived unidentified, except according to her owner this was not the case. This time it was not a case of a microchip having moved or becoming de-activated. Canelle was actually tattooed as a puppy. Except that the skin on her inner thigh is black and so is tattoo ink. Oops. It is worth thinking about whether or not your dog’s identification will do its job, ie reunite you with your dog should he or she go missing. In this instance Canelle and her owners were lucky that the person who found this wonderful pedigree brought her into the refuge, otherwise she could have been lost to them forever.

We then had the first of our leavers. Prue and her daughter were looking for a companion for their dog, and Goldy caught their eye. This young malinois has been at the refuge since the end of March. We are not sure of her past, but she has a deformed jaw, presumably due to having had a bit of a wack when she was a puppy. Just as well she came to the ScPA, then.

Since she has been with us she has been the adored favourite of volunteers Catherine and particularly her daughter Amelia. They have walked Goldy religiously and done a huge amount to aid her confidence in people. They were unable to adopt her, however, as Goldy is not at all good with cats. However we all agree that if you can’t adopt a dog yourself, the next best thing is that he or she finds a wonderful home, and that is what Goldy now has. We look forward to news and photos.


Today’s second leaver is one we are particularly happy about. At the ScPA on Tuesday we were a bit worried about Huguette. This elderly hunt-type dog arrived in early June, apparently with the weight of the world on her shoulders. She had obviously had numerous litters and is not in the best physical shape. She was also covered in ticks and fleas and just seemed exhausted. She was finding refuge life hot and uncomfortable and was not eating well. It was sad to see her just hiding away and refusing to go even for short walks.

So we put out a quick appeal, and immediately Lesley got in touch to ask if she could come to visit Huguette with a view to taking her into long term foster. Everything was crossed when Huguette went to meet the cats yesterday (many thanks to the staff for their help), and then today when Lesley and her husband came to introduce Huguette to their own dog, Pam.

Who would have thought a mere 48 hours ago that Huguette would now be lying under a shady tree, free to roam around the couple’s huge garden and with everything an elderly dog could desire for what we hope is a long and happy retirement. Many thanks to Lesley and her husband. I know several people who will sleep better tonight knowing that Huguette, (aka Sam) is with you.

Huguette on her journey home


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