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Goldy | T161

GoldyFemale, Young, Medium 

We do not know Goldy’s history, but we know that she deserves a really wonderful home. At first glance this young malinois looks like any other pup of this breed. Until you see that she has a deformed jaw, which the vet is sure is due to having been hit or kicked or otherwise abused. Goldy will always look a bit special. But special can be wonderful, and Goldy is certainly that. She was born in August 2017 and is fine with other dogs. Like all pups she will need lots of love, and like all malinois pups she will need lots of exercise and stimulus, as well. This is no couch potato of a dog. The breed is lively and intelligent and not one for first time dog owners.

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  • Good with dogs
  • Still a puppy needs lots of stimulation
  • Will make a great pet for an active family

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