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Good day for two dogs and I do a four minute mile.

Today was interesting. A man showed up to collect his unidentified dog and refused to let our vet (5 minutes from the SPA) do the microchipping. So someone (ie muggins here) had to take the dog to the man’s own vet, in a nearby village. Annoying in itself, but nothing compared to when he accidentally released his newly micro-chipped dog. She is 10 months old and completely untrained and decided to run randomly across the road and along the canal, dodging cars. I set off in pursuit. Or rather in HOT pursuit, as it was about a million degrees out there. All ended well with dog and owner being reunited and me deciding that I really am too old for this!
Back at the refuge two of our dogs were adopted together! Triana is a recent arrival, but Hony had been with us for six months, having been abandoned at the age of six months. Being a black labrador it was never going to find it easy for him to find a home, but he has done so and we wish him and Triana a long and happy life together.
When Hony arrived he was extremely timid and the fact that he is now so well socialised is down to the employees and volunteers at the refuge, but we also have to thank Kayser, who has been sharing a box with Hony having been re-abandoned. He showed Hony the ropes and helped him settle  in. Maybe it will be Kayser’s turn soon….
Thanks to the volunteers who came along today, there was a lovely new family who came along for the first time, as well as several old hands. Always a pleasure to see you and you really do make a difference to the dogs’ and cats’ lives!

Goodbye Triana and Hony









Kayser, Hony’s mentor, is left at the SPA


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