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Good news day!

Three main things happened today. Hot off the press, Munro has just arrived in the UK and met his new family. No back up plan was needed; the intended adopters (and their dog, a mini-fauve) adored him, and his new life has started properly! Thanks to Moira who looked after him so well during his journey.
Meanwhile back in Carcassonne I spent the day, along with other volunteers, collecting dog and cat food at a local supermarket. It was their idea, but they did their best to hide us out of the way, which seemed a bit strange as the plan was surely for them to benefit from the increase in sales. Luckily we are a bossy lot, and we thrust ourselves forward and chatted to people. We collected lots of food and heard news of dogs who had been adopted from the SPA many years ago. The collection will continue tomorrow at Geant Salvaza. Thanks to the volunteers who helped today and those who will do so tomorrow. 
Thirdly, Melodie left for her new home. Many of you will have seen this sweet little dog, tied up outside the office while her post-sterilisation stitches were healing. Good job she and Munro won’t have a chance to compare notes, as rather than a 12 hour car journey then the Channel Tunnel, Melodie went in 5 star luxury….by air, no less. Well, when your new owner works for Air France you expect certain benefits! 

Food collection
Melodie leaves the refuge

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  1. So nice to hear happy endings xx

  2. Was that the same Moira who was so brilliant with helping to organise Harlequin’s rescue? What a star she is. Say hello from me. xx
    Good luck doggies. Long happy lives to you!

    • Yes, the very same. Not the first rescue she has been key to, and not the last, I am sure! We at the SPA are so lucky to have people like her and all the other volunteers who go the extra mile; or in this case 800 miles!

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