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Gribouille| A466

Gibrioulle elderly male cross breedMale, Mature, Medium

It is always so sad when elderly dogs arrive at the refuge, and it seems to happen more and more frequently these days. Poor Gribouille doesn’t seem to understand what is happening at all. At eleven and half years old this boy should be lying around relaxing, but instead he is locked up, not knowing what he has done wrong. Of course as usual the answer is “nothing”. We are assured that he is very calm at home, totally housetrained. He is not good with cats, and is a bit picky about which dogs he likes, but he is very bright and lively for his age and loves his walks. We would love to find him a home before the onset of winter, so please share for Gribouille and let’s try to get this old boy out of the refuge asap.

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  • Loves walks and is lively for his age
  • Not good with cats
  • Will make a lovely companion

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