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Groovy kind of love

Some dogs arrive and you think immediately “oh, he is unusual looking, he will go very quickly”. The another dog who looks similar to him arrives, and then another. No, I am not talking about the Anatolian Shepherd puppies (several of whom are reserved now, you will be pleased to hear). I am not even talking about siblings. This seems to have been a case of pure coincidence. But with each arrival, the dog who we thought was unusual becomes less so. 

Groove arrived in mid-July, at almost the same time as both Mozart and Martin. Groove was the fluffiest of the three, but all three are jagd terrier crosses, all the same size, all with the same character, more or less. Small, lively feisty. I love the breed to be honest, very hardy little dogs, fabulous with people but not always great with other male dogs. Definitely big dogs inside little dogs’s bodies!

In any case, today was Groove’s turn and after removal of his family jewels, off he went to a fabulous new home.

As ever there was a dog to take his place, this time a female puppy who has been named Lili. She is a real sweetie, but again I am upset at the fact that so many unwanted puppies continue to arrive at the refuge. Look at Lili’s little face. What could she possibly have done wrong?

There was also a fabulous reservation, but I will let Moira tell you the news on Saturday when the dog actually leaves. I know a couple of people who will be very happy! See, I am not even telling you the sex! Aren’t I a tease!

Goodbye Groove










Hello Lili


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