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Gus | T243

Gus male Brittany spanielMale, Young, Medium

Gus was brought to the SPA by his owner, who had just had a minor stroke and no longer feels capable of walking his dog. “Get a dog walker”, we hear you cry. Yes, we thought the same thing, but that is just not how things work round here. Gus is a lovely Brittany Spaniel who was born in October 2011 and who has been in the same home all his life. Apparently he is an excellent hunter, but of course most dogs of this breed are. As well as being excellent family pets. Poor Gus has not had the chance to see much of the world, however; his owner does not know if he is good with other dogs, cats or children. So we need to learn all about him. If you like the look of Gus, though, please feel free to come along and meet him or give us a nudge and we can tell you more!

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  • Still being tested with other dogs and cats
  • Needs some TLC
  • Will make a great family pet

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