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Gus..two weeks on

We always follow up on our dogs after adoptions. This is to check that all is well and ensure that any niggly little problems are nipped in the bud.

Gus arrived in the UK two weeks ago. He was one of our ‘long termers’ who had lived in a kennel for two years. We always advise the adopters not to expect too much too soon and to take things slowly which is exactly what Jane is doing.

Here is what Janes has to say after two weeks ;

‘Gus arrived in Yorkshire, after a 3 day journey, cross-crossing France, England and Wales, still his happy waggy self.

He is such a character, affectionate and clever. He watches me intently as I cook every meal, and you can see the cogs whirring as he tries to work out how to get into the bin, the cupboard, fridge, cellar. I wonder if he’s memorised any recipes yet?

He probably hasn’t had much exposure to the world around him, horses, cats, squirrels, birds, rabbits, bin men, street cleaners, and these are all too exciting for the moment for us to do normal walks. Instead, we do loads of play in the back yard, and he gets lots of visitors, including the children from the terrace, who make a point of coming to see him every day. And each day, we walk a few steps outside the house, all the time increasing his boundaries.

He’s only been here two weeks, but he has learnt his name, sit, wait and let’s go.

Darren, in whose name he was sponsored at the SPA, would have adored him, and would probably have been Face Timing him every day!

Thank you to everyone who helped in his rescue, the SPA, For the Love of Dogs and Cats, Jane R, and everyone who sponsored him’.

At the end of this week another dog is off to the uk…watch this space to see who the lucky boy is!

At the SPA 2 dogs arrived, 2 dogs were reclaimed and we had a super reservation.

Gus..relaxing at home!


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