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Habbie’s Happy To Have a Home..

Habbie is an eleven month old chocolate pedigree Labrador who arrived at the refuge early August. She was bought from a breeder and its strange that the owners paid so much money for her but were so quick to abandon her when they recently moved house. She’s a typical young Labrador, bouncy, full of fun and in need of some training but today was her lucky day as she was adopted by a lovely young couple with a four year boy and who have a large enclosed garden so there is sure to be lots of fun for Habbie.

One other youngster wasn’t so lucky. We were absolutely horrified to find a young spaniel type dog tied to the refuge gates mid-afternoon! What kind of person would abandon their dog like this without having the guts to drive in and ensure the dog was handed over safely, then just drive off? A coward, and I really hope karma bites them in the butt!

When we look at the ages of the dogs abandoned at the SPA it comes as no surprise to see that a large proportion of the dogs are adolescents. We see a lot of unruly young dogs aged between 6 and 18 months who have had no training and have become too much for their owners to handle. A cute puppy jumping up at you can be amusing, but it’s much less funny when the dog jumping up is a fully grown Newfoundland! All of these undesirable behaviors are avoidable if a dog is trained and socialized correctly but its surprising how many people seem to think that pups will train themselves!

For the youngsters who arrive and have never been adequately socialized or had any training, all they need is a new start. All their issues are very easy overcome and with a bit of patience and understanding you will be amazed at how quickly these dogs learn and become superb family pets. We do try our best to teach these youngsters lead skills and to get them socialised as much as possible and its very rewarding to see a dog who pulled like a tractor, trotting alongside you to heel. Don’t forget if you get a dog from us and encounter any behavioral problems we are more than happy to give advice. We are really lucky to have 2 dog trainers who are staff members as well as  volunteers so you are never alone!

So go on, why not give one of our adolescents a fresh start in life!

Habbie, adopted today.


But Flurry needs a home..



And so does Shakira..





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  1. I have to say this Moira – I think you all do an amazing job under the most difficult of circumstances. All credit to you all.

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