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Happy day for Hounds…and not only hounds

Today got off to a flying start, with three dogs leaving before the SPA had even opened. Three of our hounds, Jura, Hershey and Comete are on their way to new lives in Germany, thanks to the association Tierfreunde helfen Tieren in Not. There, these three fabulous dogs will have a complete change in environment, and hopefully very soon families to adopt them.

lovely big hound

Jura has left the SPA after over two years

Incredible though it may seem when you look at their photos, no one has shown any interest in adopting any of these lovelies. Jura has been at the SPA for over two years, and although he is adored by everyone, he has not been chosen. Hershey and Comete have been with us for less time (Hershey one year and Comete just over 6 months), but why wait? They were offered the opportunity of a new start, and who are we to deny them this!

Hershey is off to a new life, as well

Of course we will keep you in touch with how they get on in their new lives and we would like to express our thanks to the association for taking them in and also to Carole who spent much of the last couple of days tearing her hair out due to TRACES documents. And when I tell you that another dog is leaving tomorrow under TRACES and that our usual contact at the DDSCPP is on leave, you will understand why several of us are looking a bit frazzled. Or more frazzled than usual, should I say? Still, it was all in a good cause!

hound dog

As is seven year old Comete

Then of course it was a “normal” afternoon at the SPA. Although what is normal these days? In any case, we had one adoption, and it was of a dog who has been at the refuge since just before Christmas, when his owner decided he was too much of a handful. Titou is a very lively dog, and is extremely enthusiastic when it is time for walks. Who remembers Zebedee from the Magic Roundabout? Well, that is Titou. Luckily though he is not very big; he looks like a short legged malinois. He caught the eye of a gentleman who visited the refuge a few days ago and he returned today to adopt Titou.

small malinois


We wish him and all today’s leavers lots of happiness. There is another dog leaving in the middle of the night, so it is an early night for me!

See you tomorrow with more (good) news.

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