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Happy New Year from DRC

As you will guess, this is the last blog of the year from us here at Dog Rescue Carcassonne. We have had another good year and would like to thank everyone for supporting us during 2019, be it by donating, attending (or hosting) fundraisers, sharing our posts or by dog walking or adopting.

The dogs at the ScPA Carcassonne remain the key focus of our rehoming efforts and the statistics from there are particularly shocking this year. As of the end of the year, a total of 698 dogs have come through their gates. That is almost 2 dogs every single day. This is more than has been the case for many years and it is hard to find anything positive to say about this figure.

However the fact that the number of dogs present at the refuge is still under one hundred is very positive. As of  course is the fact that this is achieved without a single dog being euthanised. This is a very different picture from when Moira and I started volunteering at the ScPA many years ago.  So things have improved in that respect at least.

As mentioned in a previous blog, DRC as an association plans to branch out a bit in 2020. We plan to help out more dogs via our home-to-home feature, and are open to helping dogs in need from other associations if requested.  It is planned to give the website a new look sometime in the new year, and other changes are afoot.

We remain very much present and active and are excited about the year to come.

We would like to wish you all and your families (including dogs) a wonderful 2020 and let’s hope that lots more dogs are happily homed in the coming year.

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