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HarleyMale, Young, Large

Harley’s owners brought him in for rehoming, and just in case we asked why, they had every excuse ready. They are getting divorced, changing jobs and moving to a small apartment. You notice that none of the excuses puts any blame at all on the dog, although the fact that Harley weighs some 50kg was doubtless a factor. Admittedly moving into a small apartment with a dog of this size is difficult, but again, his size is not Harley’s fault! Harley is a big baby. Although he is two years old, he is just a good natured lump. He is excellent on the lead, he doesn’t pull at all. He knows many commands, too. Plus he is more than happy to roll on the ground for a big cuddle session. Fine with children, fine with other dogs, though untested with cats. If you like large breeds and want a good natured dog, Harley could be the boy for you.

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  • A gentle giant
  • Fine with other dogs
  • Will make a great companion

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