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Here today gone tomorrow…

Last night we posted on both the SPA and DRC facebook pages that Fido had been returned from adoption as the resident cat was jealous of him. There were lots of comments about this but in this case it has worked in his favour.

Today he left with a super new mum who has no pesky cats to bully him.  This lucky 6 year old griffin bleu de gascogne had the most wonderful body language so it was no surprise that his stay in kennels was so short . He snuggled into you when you spoke to him and was just desperate for love. He only had to spend one night in kennels which is very lucky, especially with the arrival of this terrible cold spell.

It seems that English speakers here and abroad certainly love griffon breeds. Most of our French scent hounds go to English speakers and all of their new families tell us what wonderful loving pets they make.  I often wonder what traits attract certain adoptants and in this case I think that their appearance, a scruffy coat with long ears and lovely deep brown eyes really helps..well, who could resist?

If you adopt one of our scent hounds, we have lots of adoptants who are a wealth of knowledge about the breed and can help with any little teething problems.  Don’t forget that no matter wht dog you adopt from us we are here to offer after adoption advice, we have volunteer dog trainers and behaviorists so just ask if you need help.

We would love to get some more of our dogs out of the cold and into homes especially with this cold snap! We have puppies and adult dogs of all breeds and sizes so please come along and adopt if you are thinking about a new dog. You will be saving its life as well as making space for another dog who really needs our help!

Fido adopted!



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  1. As you do offer advice on behavior problems… do you remember Doudounette, a XBoxer bitch, with Leishmaniose, cancer histories, teeth problems, who couldn’t even manage to climb the stairs from the SPA infirmary? Well, we adopted her and she’s doing great, running round the garden, and she even jumped up to me the other day. She had an antibio course for a tooth abcess, and a diet change, plus a few herbal things with her Allopurinol.
    That’s not the problem, and I will be with her to the end.
    What is the problem: she licks her bed or blanket or paws really a lot. Any help as to why? Is it psycho or physio?
    She’s never, I think, played, and although she runs round and plays with the dogs, she’s not a ball or stick chaser, but could rubber toys (tough ones, she eats … alarmingly, anything edible!) or something similar help, do you think?
    She obviously gets fur in her throat, then clears it, like she did with her tooth infection, so each time I think she’s got something (she was declared as “end of life”, but for a half dead dog, she’s really picked up since she came here!). I worry about her, as for how ever long she’s this happy and in good form I want her to be that way as much as she can.
    To cut it short, why does she lick bed, blanket or paws, and can anything help stop it, that you know of, please?

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