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Here today, gone tomorrow…

In last nights blog I let everyone know that Elliot was reserved and today he was adopted! Yes, sometimes it can be as quick as that! If a dog is abandoned and is identified and vaccinated they can leave as soon as they have been checked over by our vet and of course sterilised.

Lucky Elliot had no time at all to wait and tonight will start his new life with a new family who know the breed well and have always had Dalmatians!

Elliot adopted!

We don’t often specify individual reservations. This is because they are sometimes cancelled, people don’t turn up and all sorts of things. But when you have so many people wanting and enquiring about a specific dog it saves people falling in love with a photo and then having their hopes dashed when they contact us about the dog.

So, how do we choose which family is best for an individual dog?  We now have a pre-adoption form that we ask prospective adopters to complete. This gives us an idea of the family, their lifestyle, their home and how the dog would fit in.  It also saves embarrassing incidents such as a 90-year-old wanting to adopt a young active pup and gives us conversation points to discuss with the prospective adopter.

One thing that lots of people worry about saying is that they have no garden. That certainly doesn’t worry us at all so long as they can walk the dog regularly and are around to make sure that it has regular toilet breaks. In fact some dogs who are known escape artists are better in this kind of home with regular walks and stimulation they have nowhere to try and escape from!

So please don’t panic when we ask you to fill in the form. It helps us advise you how suitable the dog that you want would be or even better, we can suggest dogs that would fit right into your lifestyle!

We also had another adoption today! Little Lila the 9 month old terrier cross also found her forever family! Didn’t I say last night that terriers were very popular! A lucky coincidence, but we are delighted that she never had a long wait at the refuge either!


Lila adopted too!


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