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Hermione | R322

Hermoine female spainel crossFemale, Young, Medium

This is Hermione’s third time at the SPA; her two previous adoptions did not work out for very different reasons, and essentially there is nothing wrong with Hermione at all. The first time her adopter had a health issue, but she informed us that Hermione never strayed from her side on walks. She lived in an apartment, and so was always with her dog on walks. Hermione’s next home had a garden, and so we now know that if left alone for too long, Hermione gets bored and goes wandering! So we are looking for someone who either lives in an apartment with lots of time for walks, or someone with a well-enclosed garden! Hermione is a spaniel cross who has a black speckled body but a brown head! A stunning and sociable girl, she was born in April 2015.

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  • Friendly and affectionate
  • would suit apartment life
  • Needs an enclosed garden

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