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Hoffen’s progress

Not every day can be filled with good news, but sometimes we take solace from aspects of the SPA’s work other than adoptions. Today’s blog is dedicated to Hoffen, who arrived with us 4 weeks ago in a terrible state. He is a Pyrenean Mountain dog, but it was difficult to see this when he arrived.

An adult male of this breed should weigh about 50kg. When Hoffen arrived he weighed just 26kg. His toenails were very long, and you could see, as well as feel, every single one of his ribs. He was too thin to vaccinate, so instead he went on a programme of eating little and often. This is time- consuming for the employees who have plenty of other duties to keep them busy. But their efforts have paid off. Yesterday Hoffen saw the vet for his 2nd vaccination, and he weighed in at 40 kg. And his toenails have retracted of their own accord (which the vet told us would happen, starvation forces them out of the body, which I didn’t know).

Hoffen  is looking healthy and happy, and no one can tell me that this dog was better off before he arrived at the SPA.

Some of you may know that Hoffen is German for “to hope”, and our wish is that this beautiful boy finds a home where he can continue with his dramatic recovery.

I will certainly let you know when this happens, and if you think you might like to adopt this lovely dog, please get in touch.

Hoffen when he arrived on July 2nd

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But look at him now!


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  1. I am full of admiration for you. Knowing how difficult it is to get weight on an emaciated dog under the best of circumstances I am so impressed with what you have done for this gorgeous boy.

    • Thanks Nicki. The staff are great and I am really proud of everyone who has turned this dog’s life around. Next goal is to find him a home! Will keep you posted!

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