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Spirit has found a new home!!!

Beautiful 8-month-old Spirit

Dog Rescue Carcassonne have been asked to find a new home for Spirit. This fabulous Pyrenean mountain dog / labrador cross was born in June 2017 and from what we read, seems just about perfect!


At present Spirit lives on a large domaine, but his owner has personal problems, meaning that Spirit is spending too much time on his own. Like most puppies he loves company and he is looking for a home with people who have plenty of time to devote to him.

big pyrenean mountain dog cross

Spirit is handsome

Friends of his owners have been taking him to puppy training classes and so he has good basic obedience skills. He is very eager to learn, and will form a very strong bond with his new master.

Being a puppy, Spirit is busy discovering the world, and he has no shortage of energy. He loves long walks, he loves playing with toys and he knows how to retrieve. A great all rounder.

Spirit is playful

What’s more, Spirit is good with other dogs and is used to living with cats. He is very loving and affectionate, and although he has not lived with children, he will be fine, providing he is not allowed to be too playful; he is a big dog!

Naturally Spirit is clean in the house and can be left alone for a couple of hours without any problems. Of course as a puppy he likes to chew, so don’t leave him alone with your best shoes!

Spirit is fully vaccinated, he has a passport and is identified by microchip. He is not castrated as his vets wanted to make sure he is fully grown before this is done. This will be organised between his current owners and whichever family is lucky enough to take on his magnificent dog.

Spirit is obedient

He is just waiting to be someone’s best buddy!

If you think this might be you, please get in touch!  A visit to meet Spirit can be easily arranged, he is not far from Couiza.And of course he can travel to his new home.

Please send an email  to Darcey at website@dogrescuecarcassonne.co.uk

Rabbie urgently needs a new home..

We have another lovely young dog who needs to move home. Sometimes peoples circumstances change and its in the dogs best interest to move home. Our Home to Home service means that they can stay in their own home until we find a new one which saves the dog from the stress of the SPA.

Rabbie is a beautiful, sweet natured, and energetic Border Collie cross born in February 2017. He adores people and other dogs, loves long walks and learning new things. He knows all the basic commands and has an increasingly reliable recall. He needs more work to overcome his puppyish excitement when he meets friends and new people so that he keeps all four paws on the ground.

Rabbie is thoroughly house trained. He travels well and is happy to wait on his own in the car during supermarket trips/ meals out but is still in the process of learning to stay happily at home alone.  He is very friendly and has never shown any kind of aggression to humans (adult or child), cats or other dogs. In short, he’s a delightful young dog who is much admired.

Rabbie’s current owners are having to part with him because of serious illness in the family.

Rabbie is chipped, castrated, fully up-to-date with his vaccinations, including for rabies, and has a passport.

If you think that you could give Rabbie a home then please send an email to website@dogrescuecarcassonne.co.uk

Rabbie needs a new home…