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Filou has found a home!

DRC is trying to help find a home for beautiful lurcher Filou.

Despite the name, this is a female dog, and is a fabulously fit ten years old. She needs to find a new home as sadly for her, her Dutch owners are having to return to the Netherlands for health reasons. Those same health reasons mean they are unable to take Filou with them.

Filou loves to sleep

We know lots of you love this breed, so here is your big chance!

Filou loves other dogs, in fact until recently she lived with a pal. She is not great with very young kids, but can live happily with older children and adults. We do not know what she is like with cats. She has not had many walks, as the couple have a huge garden in which Filou plays.

She also loves to play 

Filou has been loved her whole life. She responds well to commands, but at the moment only in Dutch! But as we see from the adoptions that take place at the ScPA, dogs are incredibly quick to learn, and we are sure that pretty soon Filou will have learned English, or French, or German or whatever language her new owner speaks.

Her owners love her so much that they would rather take her to the vet to be put to sleep than bring her to a refuge. This may seem strange to some of you, but they insist that they do not want their dog to ever have to experience refuge life. So although their position sounds harsh, we have to have sympathy with their wishes. It also means that finding Filou a new home really is a matter of life or death.

Filou loves to relax

Filou is sterilised, vaccinated and identified and although she is currently in the Tarn just north of Albi, she can travel to her new home.

Please help this lovely elderly lady. Share her story, share her photos and if you can help, please get in touch. DRC is lucky enough to have the help of a Dutch speaker, who has kindly offered to help with any questions you may have.

Together we can find a new home for Filou! We don’t have much time, though, so get your skates on…..

Just look at those eyes. …Please help Filou

Lizy has found a new home!

We are trying to find a new home for Lizy, whose young owner is seriously ill.

Lizy is a griffon fauve de Bretagne, and shares many of her breeds characteristics, but not all. Read on!

Lizy was adopted from a refuge over six years ago, and is now eight years old. Before arriving at the refuge she had probably been mistreated, as she was very timid. Some of these fears remain, even now, but with love and patience she has overcome many of her issues. This is partly thanks to the two dogs with whom she has been sharing her life since her adoption, and it would be nice for her to continue to have canine companionship in her new home too. In fact the more dogs who are around the happier she seems to be.

Lizy is nervous around strangers, plus she is scared of all the usual things, bikes, cars, lorries. She mixes well with other dogs on walks. Plus she is fine with cats (as long as they are dog-friendly), children and pigeons!

Her current home has no garden, but Lizy knows all the rules, barking to go outside. She is good off the lead and has pretty good recall…for a griffon, that is. As her owner says, she is eight years old, but in her head she is more like eight months. Fauve lovers will know what she means!

Lizy is looking for a new home with a kind and patient family. She is in the Tarn and Garonne but can travel to her new home. Her owner would love to know her beloved dog is safe and happy.

Lizy is fully vaccinated, identified and sterilised. Please contact us if you can offer her a home.