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Hot, Hot….Hot!

Today it was very, very, hot at the refuge!  We are lucky as we can escape indoors but there is no escape for the dogs. We do try our very best to keep them cool and some of them really love the mist spray on the hose whilst other hide at the back of the kennels until the kennels have been cleaned and then creep out to lie on the damp concrete.

On a happy note, we have had lots of updates from people who have recently adopted from us. I am sure that many of you will remember eight year old Hercules (now Bill) , a Montagne de Pyrenees who was abandoned in a very poor condition, painfully thin and in need of some serious tender loving care. Well you will be delighted to see how well he looks already. He has another Montagne de Pyrenees as a playmate and just loves his new garden and walks. This is fantastic news and ensures that his retirement is spent as it should be, far away from the noise, heat and chaos of the refuge!

Bill and Belle enjoying the garden

Bill and Belle 2


Dic and Doc two striking Spaniels arrived at the refuge after their owner became very ill and the family couldn’t take care of them. It was apparent that they were devoted to each other so you can imagine how pleased we were when John and Barbara decided to adopt the two of them together! John is a walking guide so these lucky boys are sure to enjoy lots of long walks. They settled into the house and home comforts really quickly and love nothing more than curling up on the sofa in the evening.







Although Chanel, our lovely golden Labrador was chipped when she arrived there was no reply from her previous owners and it soon became evident that they simply did not want her back. Fortunately for Chanel she was quickly spotted on the website by Julia and David. This couple couldn’t wait to meet her and rushed down from the Dordogne right away! They cannot believe what a happy well balanced dog she is. Calm and gentle, she is everything you imagine a Labrador to be. She was only adopted on Tuesday but has already been to a party, found two handsome boyfriends, met the chickens and horses and has been swimming in the lake. Now that is truly how a dog’s life should be!

Chanel looking very pleased with herself!


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