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Hurah for Humphrey!!!!

I have to say that I was pleasantly shocked when I got tonight’s update from the ScPA . Humphrey was adopted!!!!  This poor chap has been with us off and on since about 2014…..now I bet everyone is thinking , what on earth was the matter with that dog and the truth was…not a lot!

When he arrived he was typical of many young under socialised Malinois boys, a bit of a handful and needing an active training minded home and for that he had to wait. He waited nearly 2 years and then came back several months later!

This time he has been with us since October 2107 but although he has had a long wait, he has come on leaps and bounds and has even been sharing his kennel with lovely Poma!

My memories of Humphrey will be the emm ‘fun’ we had getting his lead on. You had to have his kong at the ready, jump into the kennel, stick the kong very quickly into his mouth……and then he was the perfect walking companion! Where ever  Humphrey went his kong went…..I do hope he has left with it!

Humphrey will make a loyal friend for his new owner. Having spent much of his adult life at the refuge he will need time and patience…..please be a good boy Humphrey, we don’t want you to come back!

Be happy Humphrey!!!

We also have an update of how Lilas is doing. She was adopted a week ago today and here is what Lou her mum has said ‘ So this time last week I came to pick up the very nervous Lilas. Having fallen for those amazing flappy ears whilst walking the dogs as a volunteer.
I have no idea where her fear of men comes from but Lilas will take treats from Steve my husband…….. on her own terms. She doesn’t go near him in our kitchen or basement but the rest of the house she will. She is a funny one. Captain our timid whippet is accepting of Lilas and given time I am positive they will play together. To be fair, Captain has been under the weather because on day 2 of Lilas arrival Captain was attacked by another dog on our walk. Which required a trip to the vets. He seems to be more himself today.
All in all we are very happy and Lilas tail is wagging more and more each day 😊😊😊

Lilas learning to relax at last!

So a great adoption and a nice catch up….what will tomorrow bring?


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