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I Would Drive 500 Miles..and I Would Drive 500 More

Yesterday Darcey told you about all the dogs who left the refuge and we are still smiling! It was fantastic to think that last night eleven of our dogs ( eight adopted and 3 into foster homes) were in loving families instead of in concrete kennels. That’s what we want for all of our dogs and we will do whatever it takes to find the right family for them. Our superb website helps so much and we know how lucky we are to have a volunteer IT consultant!

Its not often that I open an email from a dog savvy couple, with an enormous enclosed garden and who have lots of experience of rescue dogs asking if we can recommend two of our dogs for them! Andrew and Marie recently lost two of their three older doggies but were ready to adopt again.Their main remit was that the dogs were not too much for Sheba, their old lady, and were good with cats.

So we made our recommendations and between us we came up with a short list! A week or so ago they traveled over here from near Biarritz with Sheba and after trying several combinations of dogs decided that they loved the dynamics of Lemon (now Buddy) and Shakira. These two daft youngsters raced around playing with each other but were very respectful to Sheba who joined in the fun for a bit and then let them get on with it. Clever dogs, little did they know it was their chance of a lifetime! Andrew and Maria reserved the two dogs who were then sterilized on Thursday ready for yesterday’s departure.

When a couple make the effort to drive all the way to Carcassonne with an elderly dog in tow and then have to wait until the dogs of their choice are sterilized we certainly don’t mind delivering the dogs . So yesterday morning I arrived at the refuge at 11am to pick them up. In the mornings the refuge is closed to the public and only a few staff members are around.  I marveled at how quiet and peaceful it was and even managed to sneak into the infirmary for a cuddle with baby Eddy a poorly pup, and fed him some chicken. I also watched our impressive Rotties play in the park, really I could have quite happily pottered around all morning but I knew that Andrew and Maria would be anxiously awaiting Lemon and Shakiras arrival. I loaded them into the car and off we set for a lovely drive over to the Pyrénées-Atlantiques.

It was great to receive an update this morning telling us that Lemon and Sharkira have settled down really well. Life for these two will be long walks, playing in the garden and a warm comfy bed at night. That’s what we want for all of our dogs and we don’t care where we have to drive our dogs to achieve that.  Yesterday wasn’t a 500 mile drive but it often is much longer, distance is no object and we would do it every week to secure such a future for our dogs!

Today, being the first Sunday of the month meant that we were open. Lots of volunteers turned up to walk the dogs as well as Team Sport! Team Sport consists of our soldier/volunteer Ronan and his friends who run or jog with the dogs in the countryside around the SPA. This really tires out some of our high energy dogs so we will have nice tired dogs tonight!

To add to this weekends great news our handsome boy Shadow was adopted today! Three year old Shadow arrived just over a month ago so hasn’t had long to wait for his forever family. A golden Labrador with a gentle nature who is going to make a great family pet!

Lemon (now Buddy) and Shakira



Shadow with his new family


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