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Indy’s Off!

I wonder if Indy’s owners ever imagined, when they abandoned him, that their dog would spend over two years in a kennel at the SPA? In any case last night this lovely pale shepherd cross finally left for his new home. He has gone to live in Germany, thanks to an association that specialises in dogs of his “breed”. He is a lucky boy, as for some reason he has not attracted any interest since he has been at the SPA. Apart from with the staff and volunteers, that is, with whom he has been a great favourite. Easy on the lead and with a character that can best be described as Joyful, Indy is a fabulous dog and we are so happy for him.

Today at the refuge there was not much to report. A little chihuahua was reclaimed after having been found and brought in on Tuesday. She was identified, but as her chip was registered in Spain, it took a couple of days to break down the language barrier. However all’s well that ends well and dog and owner were reunited today.

Thanks to all today’s dog walkers, and also to Anny, osteopath to the stars (well, to the SPA!) who came along to help some of our elderly dogs with their aches and pains!

Indy – Right, my bags are packed and I am ready to go
white shepherd with one floppy ear









This little Spanish Chihuahua was reclaimed












And here is Osteopath Anny with Papy Banjo

girl massaging Banjo


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