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Inspiration was lacking until….

Well, today it rained pretty much non-stop, so sadly there was no dog walking. Not that the volunteers would have minded getting wet, but of course we wear coats and can get warm quickly afterwards, unlike the dogs who go back into their cold kennels.

I was wondering what I would write about tonight. Okay, there was an adoption, that of Gamma, one of the tiny puppies who we knew would leave quickly. We were right, they became available for adoption on Monday, and within 5 days all of three of them have either left or been reserved.

So not much of a blog, I was thinking. But then….at 17H45 inspiration arrived. Not in a good way, but it certainly gave me something to write about.

You remember little Soprano, who was adopted on Monday? Well he was brought back today. Guess what he had done?
a)Mauled the children?
b)Destroyed the house?
c) Bitten the postman?
d) All of the above?
e)None of the above?

Yes, strangely enough the answer is e. The dog was perfect. The reason given was “I wanted to please my wife, but she doesn’t want a dog”. Rude comments about pleasing one’s wife aside, what sort of person adopts a dog without discussing it with their partner? We expressed our outrage, naturally, but the bloke could see nothing wrong with his actions. He even said “but the dog has spent a lovely week with us”. Not appreciating at all that a dog is a living being and that he will have no idea at all what he has done wrong.

We were all standing there, and I for one was praying that this moron was going to ask for his money back. Sadly (or wisely from his point of view) he didn’t.

The selfishness of people never ceases to amaze me. The man said that bringing the dog back was heartbreaking, but it was either that or “make my wife unhappy for the next ten years”. No, I think you will be able to do that without the help of a dog, somehow!

Don’t forget that we are open tomorrow and the weather forecast is much better than it was for today. Come and see us, we have dogs of all shapes, ages and sizes, including a very confused little Soprano!










Soprano – ABANDONED. Just because.


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