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Is your dog’s microchip up to date?

It’s a fact! Lots and lots of contact details on the ICAD and other pet databases are incorrect as owners have forgotten to change them when they move house or the dog changes ownership.

Implanted under the skin, each microchip, the size of a grain of rice, has a unique barcode and 15 digit number. When your pet arrives at the SPA we then use handheld scanners to read the code and trace the contact details held on one of the national pet identification databases.

However we often we find that the details are not up to date and this delay in reuniting pets with their owners can cause additional stress to a lost dog as many find the wait in kennels distressing. Sometimes we simply cannot trace the owners! Whether it’s due to moving house, a change of phone number or owner, it’s important to update this information straight away.

If your dog is already microchipped, you can easily update the stored details by contacting your dog’s registered database directly. Its easy and quick to do and you can often even do it online.

Please remember that all dogs in public places must also wear a collar and tag marked with their owner’s name and address, which can also help lead to a quick reunion. If someone finds your dog wandering, they just need to read the disk, call you ..et voila..your dog is back home!

In the future I am sure that we will have microchips with GPS and we will be able to track our pets from our phones. Lots of people already use GPS trackers for their dogs which are small devices attacked to the dogs collar. If the dog then runs off the owner can track the dog using a computer or smart phone.

Its so very worrying if your dog runs off and gets itself lost so make life easier for yourself, your dog and us by updating your database details.

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