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It’s Ray-ning in my heart :(

A mixture of news today; good and bad. Firstly yesterday’s “little dog lost” is now “little dog found”. Surprised it took so long, but at least she is back with her owner.
Two wonderful adoptions took place today, that of little Lucy (subject of an earlier post; a puppy who was lucky enough to go into care with a newly recruited foster family). She has now left for her permanent home. The second adoption was that of Zira, now Tara, who was found 10 days ago cowering in a ditch and being used as target practice for some of the less desirable elements of society. Her X-rays show a number of pellets which luckily did not hit anything major and are best left alone. 
Anyway, today she left with a lovely couple who are well known to many of us. In fact they came to our last open day “just to have a look around” (famous last words) and to show us their HUGE dog (ex of Poorpaws, where he was once Stig and is now Tigger). Anyway, Tigger needed a playmate and so Zara just had to wait for her “pound time” to be up before she left, all sterilised and beautiful! 
But back to bad news: Ray, our lovely bleu de gascogne went for his check-up, and sadly nothing can be done for his eyesight. Ray is only 6 years old, but is destined to go permanently blind fairly soon. We were hoping it would be a question of an operation, but sadly it is not cataracts. Ray needs to find a caring home soon, while he still has enough sight to familiarise himself with his new (and permanent) surroundings before the darkness finally takes over.

Here is Tara, leaving with her new mum and dad. A wonderful life is guaranteed!
Things for Ray are less certain, sadly

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  1. I’m very sad for Ray – I will make please on my website for a good home for him. I had a very old dog who went blind but was otherwise in good health and she was even able to manage stairs because she knew the lie of the land……. Ray has some good years left if he can just find a kind home to get used to.

  2. That should read ‘make plea’ as in pleading……it’s a bit early in the morning 🙁 sorry Ray I will make a better job of your posting 🙂

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