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Jack gets another chance…

We were all devastated when Jack was returned in March, after a few months in his new home. This wasn’t his fault, just the older lady who adopted him had not accounted for a 10 year old being so lively and energetic.

Until a few weeks ago there had been no interest shown in him since his return, I guess because he is an older black dog. But that didn’t stop him catching the eye of  a couple well used to rescue dogs and their complexities!

They had been following him on our website and were attracted by his breed and size. Jack is a Jagd terrier x Labrador and as they already have a female Jagd terrier, they love the breed.  They also have a very mellow pointer who is very accepting so were quite prepared to do careful introductions and give the dogs time to adjust and find their place.

Although Jack had already been sharing his kennel and play park with another male called Bang we would normally have asked the adopters to come to the refuge with their dogs, so we could oversee the introductions and see for ourselves how the dogs were together. However, this wasn’t possible so what should we do? Should we just say no or should we transport Jack and trust the adopters to do sensible introductions?  With the former, Jack doesn’t get his chance, with the latter there is a risk that the dogs don’t get on together. As the adopters were realistic and experienced we chose the latter!

So, this morning I was at the refuge for opening time and drive him to Montauban to meet his new Mum and Dad. Human introductions went well and off he went to meet his new doggie family.

Time will tell how things are going to work out for Jack, but we all have our fingers crossed!

Jack adopted!




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