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Jack | T153

Jack Black Labrador crossMale, Young, Medium 

Jack is another dog who has just been brought back to the SPA. He was adopted towards the end of last year by a woman who came to adopt a dog for her elderly mother. We cautioned against such an action, but she insisted, and like fools we allowed Jack to leave. This will no longer happen! Of course the elderly mum found Jack (a senior dog, but one with plenty of energy) too much to handle, and the daughter did not want a second dog. So Jack is back. He is like a mini black labrador crossed with a jagd terrier, he is good on the lead and really affectionate. Jack was born in July 2008, so he is a senior dog, and as such his adoption fee is is just €80 (vaccinated, castrated and microchipped)
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  • Good with dogs and cats
  • Really affectionate
  • Good on the lead

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