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Jaffa | A012

jaffa shepherd cross maleMale, Young, Medium

Jaffa is an amazing dog who has just had bad luck. He was adopted from the SPA when he was a puppy, and brought back when his owners bought a pedigree dog. Incredible, isn’t it? But yes, some people are that shallow. While back at the refuge Jaffa showed just how perfect he was, and he was soon adopted. Unfortunately his new owner brought him back as she says he pulls too much on the lead. What a shame she did not realise this before offering him a home. Jaffa is fine with other dogs, he just wants to say hello to everyone he meets. He is a shepherd cross who was born in September 2014. He is fine with other dogs, is fine with children and can be left alone with no difficulties. So a perfect dog.  I think we have another hidden gem here, guys!


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  • A little gem
  • Fine with other dogs and children
  • Will make great family pet

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