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Jaffa | A012

jaffa shepherd cross maleMale, Young, Medium

I am reliably informed that Jaffa is at the refuge because his family have bought a pedigree dog and no longer want this crossbreed who has been their companion for the past 4 years. Yes, people really can be this cruel. Perhaps it is a sign of our consumerist society; there is no loyalty, just a constant striving to have the latest status symbol. It is so sad for Jaffa, who has no idea what he has done wrong. Because of course the answer is nothing. Jaffa is a shepherd cross who was born in September 2014. He is fine with other dogs, is fine with children and can be left alone with no difficulties. So a perfect dog. Except he is not a pedigree, of course. I think we have another hidden gem here, guys!

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  • A little gem
  • Fine with other dogs and children
  • Will make great family pet

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