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Jagger | T590

Male, Mature, Medium

JaggaI cannot count the number of times Jagger has been to the refuge. Each time his owner has come to collect him. However this time, with Jagger aged 11, she has decided to abandon him. This is just disgraceful behaviour. Had she taken this decision when Jagger was younger, his chances of finding a home would have been far better. As it is, we have an 11 year old dog looking for a new family. Still, it could be worse. Jagger is fine with female dogs and some males. He is sharing his kennel at the SCPA with no issues. He is used to being collected by his owner, so we can’t expect him to just transfer his love to the first person who comes to walk him; he needs to settle in and get used to refuge life a bit. However we hope that soon Jagger will be ready for a new home.

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  • A fine old dog
  • Fine with female dogs and some male dogs
  • Will make a great family pet

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