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Jaya finds a home!

We have had some great adoptions this week. More quality than quantity, but this is often the way of things in mid-summer.

Today’s adoption is another wonderful one. After about just five weeks after being brought to the SCPA as a stray, lovely lab, Jaya (aka Abbie) has found a home. And not only that, she has gone to live with people whom we know well and who are great supporters of the refuge.

Lisa and Andrew have fostered puppies for the SCPA in the past and follow the refuge closely. They recently lost their beautiful lab, Mr Bumble, and whilst knowing that no dog can ever be replaced, they decided that Jaya would be a wonderful addition to their pack.

Jaya has a lovely life ahead of her, and of course we will have news and photos. And as they live next to a couple of SCPA employees/volunteers, Jaya is not out of cuddling range, either!

black lab


As this Sunday is the first Sunday of the month, the refuge will be opening its doors. It might be too hot to walk the dogs, but some of them might be lucky enough to be out in the parks (shade permitting), and of course there are always cats to cuddle.

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