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José | T174

JoseMale, Mature, Small 

José’s history is a strange one, and we are unlikely to ever find out the truth as to where he came from. What we do know is that he has a Spanish microchip, but French owners who have been told that he is at the SPA. According to the woman who brought him in, he has been straying for weeks, and his owner is in hospital. However as she was unable to tell us where he was found or to whom he belongs, it is hard to understand how she knows this. But the fact that José is homeless seems to be clear. He is a tiny dark brown/black bichon cross whose chip was implanted in 2008, so we know he is at least 10 years old. As such he will benefit from our senior dog tarif of just €80. José is adorable, really affectionate and just adorable.
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  • Good with dogs
  • Affectionate and adorable
  • Will make lovely pet

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