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Just when you think things can’t get worse…….

This morning when they arrived at work, the SPA employees found a dog waiting for them at the gate. He looked familiar, and sure enough our microchip reader revealed that this was none other than Hector, who had been adopted from us in March this year. Phew, he has an owner. However a phone call soon revealed yet another tale of irresponsibility and selfishness. Hector’s owners were not happy to hear from the SPA. In fact it was they who had left him at the refuge gates. The reason? This weekend he had three epileptic fits. At least they assume they were epileptic fits; they had not taken Hector to the vet, just decided that they didn’t want a sick dog.
Nice, eh? So this six year old German Shepherd is looking for a new home, just three months after leaving the refuge. Needless to say we had no idea that he was ill (and indeed it may not be epilepsy). Had we known, we would have warned the adopters. And had they contacted us today, rather than just abandon the dog (and, I add, according to the contract which they signed), we may well have been able to come to an arrangement concerning treatment. But that would require them to have had a modicum of affection for the dog.
At the moment with the number of dogs being brought back, I almost feel as if we are renting out dogs, a bit like you would rent out a car to see if you like it enough to keep. Heaven alone knows what the dogs must think, when they are brought back, and in Hector’s case he must be even more confused, as he will be scared after his weekend experiences.
I understand the world less and less and time goes on.

However a lovely photo arrived, which went a long way to cheer me up. Here you can see Sveltesse (now just Tess), with Precious (now Minette) and Roxanne (still Roxanne). All three were adopted from the SPA in the past month, and have formed a solid bond in their new home. All together now….Aaaah.

Hector needs a new house.









A happy trio of ex SPA inmates!


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