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Kayser| A156

Kaiser staffie type crossbreedMale, Young, Medium

We at DRC love this dog. He arrived already identified and already missing an eye, which was apparently the result of a deliberate act of cruelty in his first home. His second owner has not come to collect him, but we know that she had oversaw the operation on his eye, so Kayser has a lot to thank her for. Despite having changed home twice already, Kayser is a bouncy and happy boy. He was only seven months old at the time of his arrival at the ScPA, and despite appearances, he is NOT a categorised dog. No additional paperwork to do for him; he is officially a “crossbreed”. So if any of you like the staffie types but don’t want all the paperwork, here is your chance. Kayser is a wriggly, playful not quite pup, who is simply adorable.

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  • Wriggly playful not quite pup
  • Fine with everyone and everything
  • Will make a great companion to someone

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