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Keep Calm and Carry On

I am trying not to think about the fact that nine new dogs arrived at the SPA today. This is way above the average (which is 2 per day), and is just so shocking that I think I am in some kind of denial. I know I should be panicking, but on the basis that this won’t help, I am trying to keep calm and carry on.
So instead, here is some good news: Today beautiful Balto left for a new life complete with a new name. He is now called Albi and he has gone to live in Toulouse (no logic there, I know, but I like the name anyway). He is one of 4 border collies that we have on the refuge, and by far the most handsome, in my view. And no doubt in that of his proud new owners, who I am sure will have many years of happiness with him. Balto/Albi had only been with us for 6 weeks or so, and that is quite enough for a border collie; they are way too intelligent to cope with the boredom of life behind bars. Let’s hope the other borders, Blaise, Jordi and Falco, find homes soon as well. They have been there much longer, in Falco’s case since October, and they would love to find the same happiness as lucky Albi!
You can see all of them on my website http://www.dogrescuecarcassonne.co.uk/ or on the SPA Facebook page www.facebook.com/SPA.CARCASSONNE


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  1. Oh for goodness sake,,,,,,,,,, I hope some dogs go out this week-end! I will panic for you!

  2. OMG that is dreadful.
    Fingers crossed for a fine weekend and lots of visitors.
    Good luck beautiful Albi. Have a wonderful life. You are certainly a very handsome dog. I just love the border collie, and one day I will come and adopt one of yours. Wish it could be now. But not possible just yet

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