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Klitchko adopted!

Today was day 2 at the Petite Pepiniere as well as open day at the SPA and at least the sun shone for both events!  At the SPA we had one adoption and two arrivals.

Lets start with the positive! Todays lucky boy was seven month old Klitchko who has only been with us since the end of April. He was such a cute boy we knew he wouldn’t have a long wait but like with all pups the new family will have to be prepared for lively puppy behaviour and of course housetraining!

In Friday’s blog I talked about teenagers, especially males who often find themselves in rescue. Well today we saw the sad return of Centaurus one of the Stars litter who was adopted last September. He was one of three pups, Andromeda and Gemini his litter mates were also adopted and we hope are doing well in their new homes!

As yet I don’t know why Centaurus is back but if you find yourself struggling with your dogs behaviour please just contact us. We don’t have a magic wand but we can talk you through most problems.

The other arrival was a female pup who we will have more information on soon.

Jane will tell us all about the weekends events in Caunes Minervois in a guest blog tomorrow but from what I hear it was a very successful event. Thank you to Jane and all of the helpers…I hope that by now they are home enjoying a glass of wine!

Klitchko adopted!


Centaurus adopted as a pup…


Todays arrival..






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