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Lafille leaves at last…

When Lafille arrived at the beginning of February as a 5 month old cute pup we were all sure that she would be gone as soon as her pound time was up.  Its unusual for a cute female pup to have to wait long at all, especially a blond one!

Never mind, a four week wait isn’t too long to wait and today she left and is now to be called Tina!

shar-pei x

Lafille adopted!

We hate seeing pups grow up at the refuge. Pups need to be out and about, meeting other dogs, other animals, people, children, traffic and to be part of normal day to day activity. Unless they experience all of these things as a young pup they can develop a fear of them.

At the refuge Lafille was socialised with as many suitable pups as possible and after her buddy Marcus leaving earlier this week it was great that she too found a forever family today.

When a pup arrives at the refuge we all have fun guessing what breed (s) they could be. Lafille had a wrinkly look that is typical to Shar- pei’s and was the shape of a labrador but really we are just guessing. As most pups arrive as strays we cant guarantee their breed but our vet has a good idea if they are going to be small, medium or large as adults.

For those of you who really want to know what breeds your pup is made up of then you can purchase a DNA kit from amazon. It only takes 3 weeks from sending off the sample until you get the results.

I did this with my boxer cross Phoebe and the test revealed that she was also part labrador and newfoundland.  This didn’t surprise me at all as she is a big girl.

Tomorrow is our open day and Sebastian has organised another group walk. Keep an eye on the weather though folks and if its raining watch for an update on the facebook page as to whether the walk will go ahead or not.





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