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Paton | T515

Paton male German shepherd husky crossMale, Young, Medium

Paton was brought to the ScPA by his owner, who was no longer able to look after his dog, who he claims runs away all the time. His uncastrated dog, that is, who runs away from his unfenced garden. Honestly, you have to wonder what is wrong with some people. Of course Paton is now castrated, and contrary to what his owner thought, he is fine with other dogs, and is sharing his kennel with no problems. Looks like the owner was just not the right one for the dog…Paton deserves better! He is a stunning lad, a German Shepherd/ Husky cross (check out those baby blues!), he was born in July 2012 and is a lovely boy who would love a new home.


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  • A lovely friendly dog
  • Fine with other dogs
  • Will make a great companion

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