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Le grand depart take two!

No, I haven’t accidentally copied last Saturdays blog! Today was another amazing day, with nine dogs leaving the refuge. It was slightly different, this week, as today five of them left thanks to an association, the wonderful Association Orfee (http://association-orfee.forumactif.com/). These five dogs will all go to foster families where they will be assessed and more importantly LOVED before either staying or moving on to their new homes.

The lucky dogs were Griffi and Griffo (a brother and sister who have been at the refuge for 18 months), and youngsters Flocon, Badens and Cadbury. I will tell you more about this tomorrow or Monday, when I have news and photos from Rebecca and James, who took the dogs all the way to Limoges (thanks guys!). So far all I know is that collection went well, which is good enough for now!

Two other dogs hitched a ride to Limoges, Jewel, the little one-eyed Chihuahua, who was in foster care with Valerie and has been homed thanks to Doglinks (thanks to you both!) and also Poody, a tiny Podenco who is being fostered pending adoption thanks to June, a levrier-loving friend of the SPA.

But that is not all, two more adoptions took place today; firstly we said goodbye to Ibiza, the French bulldog/yorkie cross of 3 months who has been living in the cat house where she was dwarfed by many of the inmates.

Then finally an amazing adoption. Of course they are all amazing as far as the dog is concerned, but this was very special and a fair few tears were shed. Former Urgent Appeal Calvin finally found a home!  He has been at the refuge since 5th October 2011. That is over two years! Everyone saw him and just thought “hunt dog”. But in fact he had lived in an apartment with cats until the death of his owner. Finally someone has noticed this lovely boy and at six and a half years old, his life can restart. He knew what was happening and jumped up to say goodbye to us all with a huge smile on his face.

So today was quite simply wonderful! Thank you to Orfee and thanks to all the employees and volunteers for their efforts today. GO TEAM CARCASSONNE!!!

The Lucky Orfee Five (plus Poody)









Jewel- adopted








Ibiza- adopted













And  last but by no means least CALVIN. After more than 2 years at the SPA!


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  1. What a wonderful day. I loved Calvin. ‘Heureuse vie mon beau’

  2. Only too happy to help…….can’t believe how tiny Poody is……….

    • I know, June, isn’t she sweet? The funniest thing this morning was watching her and Cadbury in the park, letting off some steam before the journey. Cadbury is a youngster and was trying to play with Poody. She wanted to play too, so she would tap him with her paw, then he would do the same and PLOOF he would accidentally send her flying. Then she would shake herself off and come back for another go!
      I wish I’d had a video camera. Cadbury weighs 26 kg!!!!

  3. So happy for these lovely doggies, especially for Calvin, hope is owner is looking down with a smile on his face. Really brought a tear to my eye today!

  4. Fantastic news to start a wet and windy Sunday with, its really brightened my day xx

  5. And I take this opportunity to thank you again for Brioche. My daughter Jessica Cuypers from Caunes, found her at your SPA, she knew I was looking for a very special small dog. And special she is! Since august she has become a lovely dutch girl, full of life and happiness. She is booming with health and a real sunshine, in spite of our terrible climate! Thnx again, Ingrid&Bri(oche)

  6. You are welcome, Ingrid. Jessica is a great supporter of the refuge and although we do not see each other often, I consider her my friend, so I am happy that her mum is happy!

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