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Le Grand Depart

Well, the day that we have been waiting for finally arrived. The big exodus! Five of our lucky dogs are on their way to Belgium, to a wonderful private refuge called Animal Trust. In fact if you are reading this after about midday on Sunday they will be there!
Before they left the wonderful team of volunteers made sure that every dog had been walked, so that they would sleep at least some of the way. When they arrive, Sarah who is delivering them, will let them out for a run in one of the huge parks, at Animal Trust, and I am looking forward to the pictures!
You can follow their progress on the Animal Trust site http://animaltrust.be/
There were several other events today, Ray, our lovely blind boy, left for a new home, as did little Doudou. Both of them will be very happy, I am sure. Funny how the two dogs who appear to be the most hopeless cases are so quick to be adopted. Thank you to their lovely new families. 
Today I learnt a thing or two about human nature, and in some ways it is encouraging that even when you think you have seen it all, people can still surprise you. I wish that these people lost as much sleep as I do, but sadly the less you care, the better you sleep.  Animal lovers aside, it is no wonder I prefer dogs to people. 

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  1. It can’t have been an easy day in some other ways I know…… but bon chance for the ones who got away and we carry on working for those still waiting 🙂

  2. I’ll be thinking of the five today 🙂

  3. I’ll be thinking of them too, a long journey for them. But if they are like Harlequin they will bounce out of the transport and never look back. Will they have the chance to be adopted from Animal Trust, or is this a permanent home for them?
    I know how you feel about dogs and people. I have a sign in the back of my car
    ‘The more people I meet, the more I love my dog’
    Sadly it is in English so most of the french don’t understand it! I couldn’t get a bilingual one 😀 ( I do know some lovely French people though who work tirelessly for animals)

  4. Nicki
    Animal Trust is a rehoming centre, but is like a 5 star hotel while the dogs are waiting. Individual heated kennels and huge play parks and walks for every dog, every day (25 dogs maximum).
    Ref me feeling let down by people, yesterday it was both French and English people. I see no great difference between the nationalities.

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